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A Quick Update & POLL

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Do you own the Porsche Pack DLC

A Quick Update & POLL Vote_lcap100%A Quick Update & POLL Vote_rcap 100% 
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A Quick Update & POLL Vote_lcap0%A Quick Update & POLL Vote_rcap 0% 
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A Quick Update & POLL Vote_lcap0%A Quick Update & POLL Vote_rcap 0% 
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A Quick Update & POLL Empty A Quick Update & POLL

Post by Admin - Saintedplacebo4 on Mon Jul 18, 2016 8:39 pm

First and foremost please vote on the poll. The race will be on the 31st. The location is VIR Grand West. The issue is that it belongs to a car pack that is 20$ and not all of us have it. If there is more than 20% of people who do not have it we will be switching to COTA Full. Please vote so that we can take a tally on the DLC.

I would also like to use this opportunity to ask all who are signed up and who've reserved numbers to please post on here or get in contact with me so that we can get a better head count. Each week i send out close to 40 invitations and messages and so far we have had some people who have signed up, simply never turn up at all or get in contact with me. There are a handful of guys on somewhat of a rotation, so and so has work, this guy has a family party and that's fine. its expected to have a group of solid people and a group of every other weekers. My only minor concern/annoyance would be the people who've signed up but never once responded to a message on here, or xbox. And if you can only make 2 or 3 races, that is fine too but give me a heads up so i can know and not waste my time trying to get a hold of you.

Next on the agenda is Qualifications. Please understand that qualification is important. Myself (Saintedplacebo4), JPNVR4, TheMiz44, and BR Warpig can qualify people. BR Warpig is Sovereign50, he just has a new xbox and the old tag belongs to his roommate. Warpig also has an awkward job schedule so you might be able to catch him on at really strange hours if that is what you need to happen in order for you to qualify. Dont hesitate to message any of us on xbox. If it is a question that one of them cannot answer they all have the means to get ahold of me outside of this site and xbox so that a speedy response is assured.
Admin - Saintedplacebo4
Admin - Saintedplacebo4

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