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Incident Form

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Incident Form Empty Incident Form

Post by Admin - Saintedplacebo4 on Sat May 28, 2016 5:10 am

If you feel that during a race there was conduct that is worthy of scrutiny please fill out the form below. All deliberations are conducted privately and if need be, will be outsourced to a higher racing authority. If possible please get an "xbox record that" recording of what has happened. If you do not have an Xbox Kinnect, it is possible to do this via the dashboard double tap and the X button. It is understood that this takes more time than a via the kinnect and that this is not always possible. However it is possible to do so manually, back up to a full 5 minutes of footage. It is requested that if another driver witnesses something around them that they record footage in the case that it is brought up in a report.

Do you have a game clip?:
Is it on the in-game replay?: If yes please ''xbox record that'' a few clips of it in the replay.
Be thorough and honest as all accounts will be checked to the best ability.
Admin - Saintedplacebo4
Admin - Saintedplacebo4

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Incident Form Empty Re: Incident Form

Post by BIG J SWISH on Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:38 pm

Lap 21 time 58:10 im in 6th place overtaking Elite for 5th coming out of the michael jackson turn and 15th place savage goes off track into the grass and comes back on track right in front of me giving my car brake damage downforce damage suspension damage and body damage.


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