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Post by Admin - Saintedplacebo4 on Wed Jun 01, 2016 7:43 am

We are aware that many cars have different fuel economy. To alleviate this to a fair degree there will be a required number of stops per race based on the number that the car with the worst fuel economy will need to take in theory. The TTS and the Mustang GT have the worst fuel mileage and we will be basing the required stops off of those cars. The better fuel economy cars will still have a mild advantage as they will have more freedom as to when they have to pit, but they will still have to pit the same amount of times as everyone else. Note that the fuel system upgrade does change the fuel usage, downforce effects fuel, RPM's effect fuel, and throttle effects fuel. This was tested extensively. For example in our testing the Mustang GT 2015 normally needs about 11% fuel per lap at Watkins Glen, with 5% fuel left crossing the s/f line we were able to coast, use low rpms, and minimal throttle to get the car back to the pits with 1% fuel. This is useful information if you were to miss the pits.
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